A Company with More Than Three Decades of Service

Your source for professional, low-maintenance landscaping solutions in Bucks County, PA, our company can provide you with a professional approach to improving your property that includes initial consultations, installations, and expert advice. Owner Howard and Jeff Kirshner - along with our team of exceptional lawn and garden professionals - sketches out and develops everything down your smallest specifications to create a new landscape for you that really stands out.  

Our deep knowledge base of horticulture and architecturally-correct designs translates into a satisfying and educational experience for you, our valued client. You can learn what you need to maintain and develop your gardens, and use us to make your dream a reality. This is what differentiates Kirshner from other, larger, big-box warehouse sellers.

Kirshner is also a local enterprise! It is conveniently located on 11 acres on Route 413, in scenic Newtown, PA. Our Garden Center has the area to showcase our extensive selection of beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers and possesses a wide selection of hardscaping goods - such as pottery, decorative stone and boulders, and mulch - to enhance the value of your property. We have unique specimens of plantings too, including many different types of bamboo - among our offerings, all grown right here on our property.

Overwhelmed with planting and design on your own? When you arrive at Kirshner Nurseries, you will receive the best available landscaping advice and information to help you make the appropriate choices. All of our salespeople have been educated in horticulture and landscape design so that they can offer you the assistance you need to satisfy your questions.

We also offer FREE on-site consultations to help you create a successful and easy-to-maintain plan. Simply email us to get started, and we will get in touch with you to plan the best time to meet! If you need information immediately, please feel free to contact us at 215-968-7730.