Landscaping Maintenance You Can Count On

Here at Kirshner Landscape & Nursery, we offer a variety of maintenance services throughout the year. These services include specific solutions to prevent problems and offer you a more ecologic and effective approach. We always stress routine maintenance of your property as an essential part of our services, and will walk you through everything you need to keep your grounds looking spectacular.

Some of our services include:

Spring cleanup

This includes general cleanup, trimming, edging, specific pruning, and weed prevention controls. We strive to be selective; knowing that all plants are different and not all require the same care. (For example, lilacs prefer trimming after they bloom and before mid-June.) This helps to insure that new flower buds will form properly and bloom the following spring.

Weed Control Programs for Shrubs & Flower Beds

Timing is very important. We recommend a dormant or cool season application. All our products are safe and help to preventatively keep weed populations to a minimum. These products also stay in the top soil layer and don't travel, which protects our water supplies.

Feeding & Spray Programs

Our programs consist of three to four treatments for feeding, insect, and disease-control. We recommend early timed spring feeding consisting of organic, custom-blended fertilizers, and early spring organic insect & disease spraying. This treatment includes a dormant spray geared towards insect and disease prevention. We also recommend Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPMs)

IPMs mean that you treat specific plants rather than overspraying, as it has proved most effective. A mid-season spray, concentrating on red spiders, scales & other insects, can be the most effective in many cases. This spray includes long range system along with foliage disease controls. A late summer spray concentrates on flying beetles, spiders, etc.

Specialized feeding programs

Programs include specific fertilizers geared toward certain varieties such as, acid loving azaleas & rhododendrons. Many plants require a little extra help--we help your plants not only survive but thrive.


We have various programs geared to specific plant varieties. Our experience has shown that many plants require specific pruning at different times of the year. This eliminates stress on plants and allows them to keep their characteristics intact.


We provide different types of organic mulches such as root mulch, licorice root, organic dyed mulches, playground chips, and custom-blended types.

Specialized Programs

These include vegetable garden installations and also supplying different types of compost along with specific organic fertilizers. (Ask for our organic pest control sheet)

For more information about our maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 215-968-7730.